1 November - Get .CLUB domain name for free!
We have extended the list of free domain names - if you order shared hosting plan with annual subscription you can add .CLUB for free for 1st year registration. Promotion is time limited and is valid till the end of November 2016.
18 October - 2 Step Authentication
2 Step Authentication works in following way: during login it will require additional temporary password from your mobile application (Google Authenticator) after your main account password. If you own a mobile phone with iOS or Android you can enable 2 Step Authentication at customer area.
Google Authenticator is free and available at both Google Play and App Store. You will need to scan QR-code with this app at customer area and application will create for you temporary password each minute.
28 January 2016 - New Year starts from new discounts!
We are glad to announce new promotion for domain names. You can get domain .TOP as low as 0.5 € and .XYZ for 1.2 € only.

Fozzy became cPanel partner and we are glad to offer you new prices for cPanel license, now it's only 11.5 € per month!
21 September 2015 - New TLDs
We are starting domain name registrations and transfers-in for 3 new TLDs .xyz .online .men
Domain registration price.
1 September 2015 - New location
We have launched new location for shared hosting services! Meet Russia, Moscow!
19 August 2015 - New TLDs!
We have integrated many new TLDs, thanks to our own ICANN-accredited registrar! You can now get your domain name in following TLDs: .accountant .adult .audio .bid .blackfriday .christmas .click .cricket .date .diet .download .faith .flowers .gift .guitars .help .hiphop .hosting .juegos .link .loan .lol .party .photo .pics .porn .property .racing .review .science .sexy .tattoo .trade .webcam .win .xxx Domain register price.
17 August 2015 - .LOL domains for only 2.3 €
Great price for new domains in .LOL TLD which is just launched! Get it for only 2.3 € for first year. Get your .LOL domain today. Please notice that there is a list of reserved .LOL domain names which can't be checked in common whois. Please contact support to check it.
14 August 2015 - IPv6 for Windows VPS
We have added IPv6 support for our Windows VPS and Forex VPS services. Each new VPS will have IPv6 address for free as addition to current IPv4. All current customers can get IPv6 for free, just send us a request.
17 July 2015 - New website
We've updated the design of our website that makes it easier to read by freeing pages from unnecessary text information. We always welcome your feedback!
1 July 2015 – Special price for domains with .ME
We are glad to share this news with you: number of domains with .ME TLD has exceeded 800 thousand! From 1st July to 30th September, we are launching a special campaign: the registration of new domain with .ME for the first year will cost only 7 € instead of the current price of 14 €
17 June 2015 – Servers Upgrade
We are putting into use the new servers, which provide shared hosting services. Since now the new accounts will be created only on modern Dell R530 with the following configuration: 2 x CPU E5-2630v3, 96 GB RAM and 6 ultra-fast 512GB SSD drives.
25 February 2015 – Free hosting for a month is given to active social network users
Join our groups on social networks, do a repost of this campaign and get an extra month of Shared Hosting for free! Detailed information on the page with the campaign.
22 January 2015 — We extend the campaign for ISPManager
We extend the campaign until the end of February 2015: the licenses of ISPManager 5 Lite and Business are free for the first month! Please enter the promo-code ISPManager5Free when ordering.
01 December 2014 — Free licenses of ISPManager 5 until the end of this year!
Until 31 December 2014, the license of ISPManager 5 Lite and Business is free for the first month! Please enter the promo-code when ordering ISPManager5Free
03 October 2014 — Special Offer for .COM domain names.
Until the end of 2014 we offer an extremely low price of .com domains. Registration will cost for you only 5 € for 1 year. All domains are registered for our customers.
22 September 2014 — Be a Reseller of our Hosting
Today we are launching a range of four new plans for reselling of our hosting. The owners of this service are able to create their own hosting plans and able to resale it later on. It is an excellent choice for the starting hosters, the design studios and web designers! More details can be found at Reseller hosting page.
22 September 2014 — Servers Upgrade
We are upgrading the servers to provide you the Shared Hosting services with the latest models of Dell R520 with two processors 2 x E5-2430 v2, 96 GB of RAM, 6 fastest 480GB SSD drives assembled in a RAID array thanks to a controller H710. All servers belong to us. New Accounts of Shared Hosting will be created on servers with a new configuration.
4 September 2014 — License for cPanel
The licenses of popular control panel cPanel are now available for customers of Linux VPS services to order. Now the minimum rental period is only one month.
23 June 2014 — New templates of Windows Server 2012
We update the list of available distributions of Windows VPS: new templates are added based on Windows Server 2012. The rate prices you can find on page of this service.
28 April 2014 — Free IP-addresses for Linux VPS
Earlier we have provided to all customers of cPanel the opportunity to get a dedicated IPv6 address for free. Now it is available for clients of Linux VPS. To obtain IPv6 address is enough to contact our customer support.
31 December 2013 – Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!
Fozzy team congratulates all with the upcoming holidays! We wish a success to you and your projects in the coming year!
18 December 2013 - Free IP-addresses!
Fozzy technical team has successfully completed the implementation of IPv6 in the infrastructure! Now we provide to each user of a Shared hosting a free dedicated IPv6 address. At the moment the IPv6 network is only available in our Dutch Data Center for customers with the control panel cPanel.
29 November 2013 - New location: India
Now Shared hosting services are available also in India, in the Data Center CtrlS with maximum level of security - Tier 4. All prices and terms of service are identical to any other location.
17 October 2013 – New OS templates for Linux VPS
Fozzy updates the list of available OS templates of Linux VPS: we added Ubuntu 10.04, Scientific Linux 6, openSUSE 12.2, openSUSE 12.3. A detailed list of pre-installed software and the prices/rates can be found on the page of this service.
22 May 2013 - Increased RAM on Linux VPS rates
Fozzy updated the rates of Linux VPS with the increased RAM without an increase in prices! Current customers can switch to the new rates without additional charges.
16 May 2013 – Control Panel of ISPManager for a Shared Hosting
Now our shared hosting customerscan choose between two control panels: cPanel or popular in the CIS region - ISPManager. All other features and limits of our fast hosting remain unchanged.
9 April 2013 - Free CDN for our clients
All owners of Fozzy hosting we offer CDN service (content delivery network) for free in addition to the basic services. The service is provided in the test mode, and we are planing to keep it for free later on. More details you can find on the CDN service page.
14 March 2013 – Choice of PHP versions
All customers of our shared hosting have an opportunity to choose the PHP version in the control panel. The following versions are available: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 alpha.

Note that if you use your file php.ini, then PHP versions, other than the native one, will not function. If you want to switch to an alternate version of PHP, first you will be needed to transfer the settings from the php.ini file to .user.ini, then to remove the php.ini, and later to switch to the appropriate version of PHP.
13 March 2013 – New OS tempates for Linux VPS
At the request of our potential customers, we have expanded the list of available OS templates of Linux VPS service! Now Fedora 17 is available for ordering. The template is presented in the version with a minimal amount of preinstalled software.
31 December 2012 – Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!
Fozzy team congratulates all with the upcoming holidays!
We wish you in the new year:
12 months of comfort
52 weeks of fun
365 days of success
8760 hours of health
52600 minutes of harmony
3153600 seconds of happiness!

Support will work for you all holidays 24/7.
12 October 2012 - Automatic installation of popular 275 CMS
Great news for all customers of Fozzy shared hosting: we've added the ability easily to install more than 275 CMS via the control panel cPanel. 25 categories of software now are available: from the usual blogs and forums to the educational portals and project management systems of the latest versions. More opportunities with Fozzy!
7 September 2012 - Launch of Linux VPS
4 new plans of a new service Linux VPS are added to our offer of fast hosting.

We noticed that many hosting companies, that took their place in the market by working for many years, have very old and not competitive rates. The reason for it is, probably, an old equipment. Compare to them, we place your websites on brand new servers from Dell, therefore, we are able to offer you a really powerful VPS. The youngest rate already includes 512 MB of RAM and 2400 MHz of processing power, without mentioning our really fast channels where the speed starts from 100 MBps and ends up at 400 MBps at the oldest VPS rate.

Try our free trial period and feel the quality of our services.

Learn more about Linux VPS service.
31 August 2012 - Accelerating PHP scripts
We have successfully completed the upgrade of the shared hosting servers, by increasing the amount of RAM up to 48GB. It is ten times more compare to some of the largest web-hosting companies.

This amount of memory allowed us to transfer PHP in FastCGI mode and enable APC, a so-called PHP accelerator. Thanks to this, the work of PHP applications has been accelerated up to 3 times. Fozzy Hosting is faster than the fastest one!
30 August 2012 – Servers upgrade
All servers that provides a shared hosting service, are now equipped with 48 GB of memory. We are planing to transfer PHP in FAST CGI mode, follow our news!
2 May 2012 - Fast Forex hosting
The fast Forex hosting is added to the list of our services. The service is based on Windows server with so called honest virtualization technology Hyper-V. Honest virtualization is primarily an absence of oversell, in other words, you will be given the guaranteed resources regardless of the neighbors activity on the server.

Why is our Forex hosting fast?

The distance from the customer and the trading server is crucial to trade successfully in Forex. We allocated the servers in one Data Center with the largest Forex trading servers, ensuring that the ping values are less than 1 millisecond. And certainly we used the brand new equipment from Dell; this time with the server of R510 serial number (two Intel Xeon E5620, a dozen of fast 600GB SAS-disk drives, connection - 1 Gbps). Working with Forex VPS is like working with a regular computer based on Windows. The familiar interface and the programs that are known to you. Manage it with your home OS (Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS) or Smartphone (Android, iOS).
18 April 2012 - Increasing reliability
Today we have installed in all our racks the special equipment from the APC. It allows automatic switching of Power Supply between different power cables in case on them is failed. We have chosen the AP7724 model. In fact, we faced only a scheduled work; failures in our Data Center has been not yet happened, but it is important to be sure that in a case of problem with one of the sources, the power will be automatically switched to another completely independent source without a downtime and damages to the servers.
5 April 2012 – Update of the website
In the beginning of spring, we are happy to announce that we have updated the website and templates of customer area with new design!
17 March 2012 - Free hosting for freelancers and design studios
We will publish your website for free and also will develop for you a special plan for your customers. Learn more.
15 March 2012 - A unique offer for those who doesn’t require a support
You do not need a support? There are the special conditions for professionals: if you are professional and you don’t contact a support – the hosting for one month is free for you! Read more
3 February 2012 - Affiliate program
There are many referral programs among the hosting providers. The main differences is the size and terms of payment. Our referral program is different: in the first place, we worked on a high percentage of conversion of visitors into the real customers, which is directly reflected in your income. Our customers need our fast hosting, earn more with us! Read more.