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Fozzy hosting features
instant service activation
key The services can be used immediately after ordering, complete with a 7-day payment option.
 latest Dell servers
dell We use modern Dell R540 with two Intel Xeon Silver 4114 processors.
fast customer service
support Our customer support never sleeps, as we have several offices operating in different time zones to ensure that you always have access to top quality service.
fast processes
data-center Because it is much faster and more efficient to work without intermediaries, we have our own data-center, hardware, and staff.
and .

About Fozzy

Originally founded in 2012 in Delaware, USA, Fozzy is a hosting provider whose services empower users to easily create a website using a convenient builder or CMS and then register a domain name. You can also host your ready-made website via shared hosting,  a  virtual server, or a dedicated server in our data centers in various locations.

Our hosting services are suitable for owners of websites and Internet projects, webmasters, design studios, web developers, and system administrators.

Fozzy is a part of international XBT Holding. The holding companies provide various hosting services. Our friendly family is: an ICANN accredited domain registrar, a data-center with staff engineers, a hardware warehouse, a global network, and CDN across the globe, complete with support agents and administration staff.

we have:

.COM domain registration cost is  12.28 $. Renewal 12.28 $  per year. This means no surprises when renewing.

price top we-have price bottom

When you’re looking on the websites of large hosting providers, it can sometimes be difficult to find the cost of domain renewal. You may see an attractive price of 12.95 $ on the main page, but the renewal price might not be clearly indicated. The client expects the domain to be renewed in a year for the same money. However, the bill will be much higher (for example, 17.99 $). Does that sound familiar to you, too? With these issues in mind, we set out to create the most transparent pricing policy for our clients in order to form the right expectations:

We specify the cost of renewal when choosing a domain name.

We filter the domains according to the price of their renewal. This way, our clients have the right expectations at the stage of choosing a domain name. As far as we know, there are no analogs of such filters on the market.

We guarantee price stability. The cost is influenced only by the exchange rate and price set by the owner of the domain zone;

And finally, we have a fair renewal cost. In most cases, this is the same as the registration cost, except in the case of some pleasant promotions.

Transfer domains to us

You can transfer your domain names to us anytime and get a fair renewal price This approach is different from the common standard of hidden prices. Feel free to check it out yourself on our domain name services page!

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Honest features

Many companies offer unlimited hosting plans, which seems to be convenient, logical, and suitable for any project. However, the terms "unlimited hosting" and "cloud-hosted websites" are typically just buzzwords coined by marketers to help boost sales.

When you hear claims like this, it’s important to consider that these websites are actually hosted on physical servers, with restrictions on disk space, processor resources, RAM, connection speed, etc. Also, all of these server resources are being used by hundreds (or thousands) of clients at the same time.

For example, you may suddenly run out of disk space on the unlimited hosting plan when you load the backup, or because of an incorrectly configured logging system.


Our approach

That's why we have developed our own approach to website hosting, while at the same time keeping it convenient. We checked the consumption of server resources by real websites, took less obvious scenarios into account, and formed real hosting rates. We also described all the features, limitations, software and server models in detail. Our hosting rates are suitable for the absolute majority of websites, even those that have high traffic

Our hosting plan names make choosing simpler and help set expectations. For example, the "Fast Site" rate is perfect for a single website and its fast operation.

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75 000 clients
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Hosting users rarely leave glowing reviews. Rather, people tend to write reviews when they are dissatisfied with something. To be praised, you have to really stand out and consistently maintain a high level of quality.

There are many positive reviews about us. How do we do it, you might ask? We started by building a cohesive and friendly team. Everyone is able to work happily and productively in a positive team atmosphere where each employee has their own voice. Happy staff = happy customers = real reviews. That's the secret to our hosting success ❤️

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Jeromy Reinhold

Glad to have chosen Fozzy basic VPS (Linux) hosting plan. They offer a very good price and on the half dozen or so times that I have needed to speak to them, including in the middle of the night, there has always been a technically competent support person available immediately.

user avatar

I recently moved one of my blogs over to Fozzy. Thus far they are top notch. I had troubles with a php module required for my blog, and they got it installed shortly after contacting support. Overall I'm happy. I can recommend this ssd hosting service to other webmasters.

user avatar
Kulwant Raj

After being disappointed with another hosting service, I decided to choose Fozzy. Thankfully, the disappointment didn’t repeat. I have a small-sized company and my partner and I were able to set up our brand new website at ease on a good enough budget. Their support staff is super friendly and efficient too.

user avatar
Mauro D.

Although I have been hosting a personal site at Fozzy shared hosting account for 3 months and intended for family and friends, I do not have a lot of traffic. However I do enjoy the huge amount of space since I have lots of stuff to backup, so I can just create a private folder and backup my software/photos there

user avatar
Logan Matters

What I want to say that I'm thankful a lot to my friend Alex who recommended me to choose and their ssd hosting services. Their prices are great but not the cheapest - you will get what you pay for without any doubt. Their website is convenient that you can an opportunity to choose from servers in US, EU, RU and IN - a great plus for their team.

user avatar

When I broke my site, Fozzy tech went about restoring it with a sense of urgency. I experienced minimal downtime even though it was my error. First time I checked my site sometimes, accessibility, speed. But now - there are no check need. It's only working.

user avatar
Kennith Eisenstein

I've signed up with Fozzy and been running Dotclear based website for over four months now. Their support is awesome. They enabled nice extension for dotclear, installed some useful scripts and made some changes to the .htaccess file. I've never had a better host. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable hosting with consistent uptime and great support.

user avatar
Alton Luttrell

I have been using fozzy for over three months now and highly recommend them if you’re looking for affordable US web hosting. The service is excellent and the uptime is exceptional considering their pricing. If you’re undecided, don’t be, give fozzy a chance.

It starts with customer service

We believe that the key to good hosting is an understanding and professional support service team. That's why we select real superheroes, whose superpower is their passion for helping others and solving technical issues.

How can a sleepy employee be as effective at 3 AM as they can during the day? Our support team and administrators are located in different countries and time zones, ensuring that a peppy engineer is always ready to assist you – even at night. This is how we create a high-quality hosting experience and round-the-clock service. These are our main advantages:

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Reviewer Name
30.05.2020 (00:25)

Really good answer. Neither more nor less. Thank you!
This was the best answer I've ever heard. This was a really great answer. Logical and satisfying. Reassuring...

The security of the hosting company I work with makes me happy.
Thank you again for this reassuring information. I love you FOZZY <3

user avatar
Reviewer Name
03.12.2019 (12:54)

Yes, now I get it.
I asked my registrar to change MX-record and my mail works just fine now!

Thank you for your patience and your answers. It was really helpful
Love you =)

user avatar
Reviewer Name
03.06.2019 (21:55)

Dmitry, thank you for transferring my website. That was really fast. It would take me a couple of days to move site and make all the necessary settings. But you did it in a couple of hours. Wow, that's impressing.
Pls tell me where I can write a review about your work. You deserve it.

user avatar
Reviewer Name
14.03.2019 (04:11)

i have tested your and what can I say. amazing
my wordpress blog works much faster with your litespeed webserver. now i want to move all my sites to your hosting.

user avatar
Reviewer Name
03.03.2019 (12:03)

Dear support team
I want to say Thank You again. You did a really good job. I am completely satisfied with your service all these six months I am with you. Be sure that I will tell all my clients about your hosting. They might want to move their sites to your hosting. And I can use your affiliate program to gain some money, fantastic.

Advantages of our services

Website builder


Do you need to build a website, but find the development process too long and complicated? With Fozzy, anyone can create a beautiful website without having any knowledge of programming, hosting administration, and web design using our intuitive website builder.

The service is suitable for both beginners and professionals – anyone who needs to create a website quickly and without any hassle.

Our website builder is extremely fast, enabling you to create excellent websites with a modern design in practically no time at all. Using our constructor is an easy and pleasant experience.

More About The Service

Domain name registration


A domain is the name of a website (for example, Typically, a domain name reflects the theme of the site, associates with your business, or contains a brand name.

Any website or mail server owner needs a good name. The right domain name is oftentimes a short and catchy word.

Many of the cool names in popular zones are already registered, so we offer a vast selection of 400+ different domain zones for any type of project – from .com and .net to .blog and .pizza.

We register international domains through our own registrar without intermediaries,  which means that we can offer great prices. Moreover, to simplify planning, we describe the costs for domain registration and renewal for the next 10 years.

Select A Domain

Shared Hosting


The name defines the service exactly – the server resources (processor, RAM, Internet connection), as well as software (web server, PHP) are shared by all users on the server, thus providing a low cost.

This type of hosting does not require administration knowledge because everything is already configured and ready to use. Shared hosting suits most websites and Internet projects – but we went even further and improved shared hosting  by adding advanced technologies. Our fast hosting will suit sites with high traffic, as we use the smart CloudLinux OS to divide server resources between users. This means that the traffic of other accounts will not affect your website operation in any way, and that no one will "steal" your RAM or processor.

We also help site owners solve common issues. For example, we set up automatic elimination of vulnerabilities in popular CMS and plugins. This way, botnets do not hack our client's sites. You can install a security certificate for free through your hosting account. Of course, we will also help you move your website and solve any other hosting tasks anytime.

View Plans

Linux Virtual Server or Linux VPS


virtual server, along with shared hosting, implies dividing resources among several users. However, the client chooses, configures, and uses the operating system and software on such a server at their own discretion.

This hosting service is suitable for anyone who prefers to administer their server or have their own system administrator.

We provide VPS on KVM virtualization, guaranteeing that all memory and disk resources declared in the hosting plan are assigned to the owner and will be available at any time.

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Windows Virtual Server or Windows VPS


This hosting service is as simple and in use as a Windows desktop. The operating system runs on a virtual machine on our server, but managing it is no more difficult than working on your computer.

The Windows server solves many tasks, and is suitable for different purposes, such as remote desktop in the desired location, secure accounting, gaming, or continuous trading in the Forex market.

This hosting service uses Hyper-V, which guarantees the declared amount of RAM and disk space. There are operating systems to choose from – Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019. The license is already included in the hosting price.

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