.XYZ for
$1.02 per year only

If you have already registered a domain name, you have to login into the domain management area at your current registrar and change DNS servers for your domain to ours.

If your hosting is at cPanel server or Linux VPS

  • ns1.fozzy.com
  • ns2.fozzy.com

If you use ISPmanager control panel:

  • ns5.fozzy.com
  • ns6.fozzy.com

If you use DirectAdmin control panel:

  • ns7.fozzy.com
  • ns8.fozzy.com

If you use Plesk control panel:

In the USA:

  • ns1.pleskN.c.fozzy.com
  • ns2.pleskN.c.fozzy.com

In Russia:

  • ns1.pleskN.d.fozzy.com
  • ns2.pleskN.d.fozzy.com

In Singapore:

  • ns1.pleskN.s.fozzy.com
  • ns2.pleskN.s.fozzy.com

where N is the number of your server.

Important! Please, point your domain to our DNS servers only if you use it for hosting with us.
Domains registered through us are delegated to our DNS servers automatically.

  1. Unlock the domain. You have to login into the domain management area at your current registrar and unlock your domain name.
  2. Transfer code. In order to transfer a domain you have to get a transfer code. It's also called an EPP code. This usually can be done at the domain management area at your current registrar. Please send this code to our support team.
  3. Confirm the transfer. We will send you an email with a link. Click the link to confirm the transfer. Unless you have a special link to release the domain in the domain management area at your current registrar, you have to wait for up to 5 days for the transfer to happen.

After the transfer is made, the domain name will be renewed for 1 year.

  1. You need to request the AuthInfo-code from the current registrar.
  2. Send the code to our support service, after paying the domain transfer.
  3. Current registrar will ask to confirm the transfer. After confirmation current registrar will transfer the domain to our registrar. The transfer takes 5 days.

The cost of transferring a domain name in .RU, .SU, .Π Π€ zones is equal registration price.

What is a domain name?


A domain name β€” is a unique address at the Internet. For example fozzy.com is a domain name. This is the address of our company in the Interent. .COM is called TLD or Top Level Domain and there are many TLDs nowadays. There are Generic TLDs like .COM, .NET, .ORG, country-code TLDs like .US, .UK, .RU, .IN and many new TLDs like .FLOWERS, .AUDIO, and .CLICK.

If you want to launch a new website in internet you have to choose a domain name which is available for registration. It can be done at our order form. Domain name is not a synonym to a website. Registration of a domain name doesn't automatically mean you've created a website. Imagine that a domain name is like a real physical street address for getting post β€” you still have to build a house and install a post box to receive your letters. In order to create a website you must purchase web hosting, it will include email as well, so your Internet presence will be accessible to others.

Please let us know if you need assistance or any questions about domain names.

Domain zone
Renewal $ 10.09 annualy
Renewal $ 12.7 annualy
Renewal $ 16.09 annualy
Renewal $ 15.2 annualy
Renewal $ 11.56 annualy
Renewal $ 8.51 annualy
Renewal $ 18.13 annualy
Renewal $ 31.41 annualy
Renewal $ 33.17 annualy
Renewal $ 12.33 annualy