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Our servers are located in the Netherlands in same data center as leading Forex companies.
Fast Forex VPS
24.5 $ mo.
264 .5 $ year -10% 294
1 core 1024 MB RAM 30 GB HDD

Windows License
Included in the price

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Top-edge DELL servers Dell servers, models 5XX and 7XX.
Non-stop trading 24/7 Don't let your advisers to stop.
Your security is our priority For our customers 10% discount on MQLLock.
Easy as your PC Manage Forex VPS from Windows, Linux/Unix, macOS or even your iOS/Android smartphone.
We are partners with leading Forex companies. Our total VPS amount is more than 3500 VPS.
We provide free trial and assist you with all questions!
Great API Full integration of all lifecycle methods and all VPS management functions.
Post-pay You pay for VPS only after it has been started.
We provide from 25% to 50% discounts Based on your order quantity.
Functional portal All VPS management features are available without support contact.
Custom templates We can create a custom system template according to your requirements.
Image update All templates automatically receive the latest tested OS updates.
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Price per month
+1 Processor core
$ 6.25
+512 MB RAM
$ 3.33
+10 GB SSD (up to 5 times only)
$ 2
+100 Mbps connection upgrade
$ 10
Dedicated IPv4 (up to 4 max)
$ 2.2