For all Fozzy hosting owners we offer CDN service for free.
CDN is currently in test mode and we plan to keep it free.
What is CDN and how does it work?

CDN stands for “content delivery network”. It puts all popular static data (like images, video) to cache and keeps in 6 different DataCenters in Europe and USA. A website visitor will get content from nearest location, not from original source, that speed up website load.

Our CDN is based on service from Universal CDN, which is subsidiary of XBT holding.

Easy to use

For all popular CMS there is a plugin for CDN. Setup is very easy, just 2 configuration strings in mentioned plugin.

How can I get it?

Please write our support team a ticket, make sure to include domain name and information about common file size (less or more than 1MB).

CDN locations

Europe: Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris
USA: Dallas, New-York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami
Asia: Mumbai, Singapore