1. Your free website must be used for a legitimate website development business, whether you are a web designer, web developer or web design studio.
  2. We offer you free Fast Site package for an unlimited amount of time.
  3. You have to place one of our buttons on your website's main page with a link to
  4. Be aware of regular site control — we will suspend a project which is changed after initial approval and no longer fits the website's development subject.
  5. If you currently don't have a website we give you one month to create it and submit it to our support team for approval.
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Our affiliates earn up to 50% of every client payment for shared hosting services!

Shared hosting VPS
up to 5 customers: 30% up to 5 customers: 25%
6-25 customers: 40% 6-25 customers: 40%
26+ customers: 50% 26+ customers: 50%

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