Choose the affiliate option for referring clients that suits you

For everyone
  • Huge commission earnings.
  • The commission is only paid for the first purchase of the hosting service or game servers of each referred client.
  • The more expensive service your referred client purchases, the higher your earnings.

Beneficial for those who don't personally know the clients referred and don't influence their decision to renew services (e.g., those who share links and coupons in blogs, social media, etc.).

For web professionals
  • You get percentage commissions both from the first payment for each hosting service and from all its renewals of each referred client.
  • The more active clients you bring, the higher your percentage of commission. Up to 50%!

Beneficial for those who directly influence the referred client's decision about each renewal of hosting services (e.g., those who are developing or maintaining the referred client's website).

You have to choose the affiliate program option and the withdrawal currency when registering your account. You cannot change it later, but you can create multiple accounts.

Commission amount
Product Plan You earn
Shared hosting Ecommerce $ 14.95
Fast site $ 14.95
Website builder $ 14.95
100 Fast Sites $ 18.74
Many Fast Sites $ 49.36
VPS hosting Fast Windows VPS 1024MB $ 29.95
Fast Windows VPS 2048MB $ 58.13
Fast Windows VPS 4096MB $ 112.5
Fast Windows VPS 8192MB $ 225
Fast Linux VPS 1024 $ 14.95
Fast Linux VPS 2048 $ 14.95
Fast Linux VPS 4096 $ 18.74
Fast Linux VPS 8192 $ 37.49
Game servers 7 Days to Die (Adventurer) $ 12.98
7 Days to Die (Warrior) $ 32.98
7 Days to Die (Survivalist) $ 59.86
ARK: Survival Evolved (Dodo) $ 10.98
ARK: Survival Evolved (Allosaurus) $ 48.98
ARK: Survival Evolved (Titanosaur) $ 130.98
ARMA 3 (Charlie) $ 12.98
ARMA 3 (Bravo - 3 days) $ 14.99
ARMA 3 (Bravo) $ 49.98
ARMA 3 (Alpha) $ 129.98
Counter-Strike 2 Rush A (3 days) $ 2.99
Counter-Strike 2 Rush A  $ 9.98
Counter-Strike 2 Rush B  $ 18.98
Counter-Strike 2 Plan B  $ 26.98
Minecraft Vanilla (Iron) $ 7.98
Minecraft Bedrock (Iron) $ 7.98
Minecraft Vanilla (Gold) $ 29
Minecraft Bedrock (Gold) $ 29
Minecraft Bedrock (Diamond) $ 79.78
Minecraft Vanilla (Diamond) $ 79.78
Rust (Naked) $ 23.98
Rust (Geared) $ 40.98
Rust (Fully Geared) $ 130.98
Team Fortress 2
(Poopy Doe - 3 days)
$ 2.99
Team Fortress 2 (Poopy Doe) $ 9.98
Team Fortress 2 (War Dog) $ 16.98
Team Fortress 2 (Big Daddy) $ 21.98
Valheim (Moder) $ 11.98

The more clients you refer are active, the higher your percentage commission.

What is an active client?

This is a referred client who has at least one hosting service, the payment term of which has not expired at the time when the affiliate percentage is calculated.

The calculation of the commission percentage occurs automatically every time any of the referred clients makes a payment for the service.

Simply put, your commission percentage depends on the number of referred clients who pay for hosting.

Shared hosting VPS
1-5 active customers
6-25 active customers
26+ active customers
1-5 active customers
6-25 active customers
26+ active customers


promote ways

It's easy:

Share your knowledge about us, talk about our services, publish links, insert buttons on your websites, write about us in your blog and on your social accounts. You will see real-time information about referred customers in your partner account.

You will get a special link from us which you have to use. When someone clicks this link we set a cookie. Use this link when you promote us. The cookie is valid for three months, that means customer can return to our website later, and you still get your commission.

You can create a special promotion code with a 10% discount. When a customer uses this code, you get your commission.

Start Earning

Withdraw a reward in a convenient way.

PayPal, Solar Staff (Supports withdrawal to Visa, MasterCard, current account)

Track the number of registrations. Evaluate the effectiveness.

The number of attracted clients and total earnings statistics are available in the "Affiliate" section.


The commission is paid 30 days after the referred customer makes a payment. And as soon as the funds become available for withdrawal, you will see the following block.

  • You can withdraw to:
  • — your Fozzy account;
  • — Paypal account;
  • — Visa/MasterCard/ or your bank account (via the Solar Staff system)


Withdraw any available amount to your Fozzy account and use it to pay for our services. There are no limitations on the minimum withdrawal amount.


The minimum withdrawal amount per transaction is 10 USD, or 10 EUR.

Withdrawals can be made in two currencies: USD and EUR.

Payouts in RUB are converted into USD on the payment system side. To withdraw your reward, specify the amount you want to withdraw in the “Withdrawal Amount” field and your e-mail in the PayPal system.

After you submit your request, the "Affiliate Withdrawal Request" ticket will be created. It will be processed by the finance department team. You'll get a notification via this ticket once the withdrawal has been finished.

The transfer fee will be deducted by PayPal according to their plans.

Visa / MasterCard, current account (via Solar Staff)

Solar Staff is a project for legal payments for various types of work, including services for attracting new customers within the affiliate programs.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD, or 10 EUR.

The fee is 7%. 3.5% is deducted from the withdrawal amount, and the remaining 3.5% is covered by us.
Reward withdrawal is as follows:

1. You type the amount you want to withdraw in the ”Amount to withdraw” field and click the ”Request withdrawal” button.

2. We send your personal registration link in the invitation email.

3. Follow the link, complete the registration process and inform us once it's finished (you need to register only for the first time. Next time you will skip steps 2 and 3).

4. Within the Solar Staff system, we create a task whose cost is equal to your withdrawal amount.

5. You accept this task within your Solar Staff account and click the ”Complete” button to change its status to ”Pending acceptance”.

6. We pay for the task, and your reward is transferred to your Solar Staff account.

After that, you can withdraw your earnings in any convenient way. You can find all the guidelines on how to work with the Solar Staff system in its Knowledge base.



  1. Commission is paid through PayPal or Solar Staff one month after the referred customer makes a payment. The transfer fee is deducted from commission.
  2. You may not receive credit for referring yourself to Fozzy.
  3. Minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD.
  4. The commission % can only be increased manually after you submit a request.
  5. Commission is paid only for shared hosting and VPS. This does not include domain names, add-ons and licenses.
  6. It's prohibited to use any kind of email marketing to advertise Fozzy services.
  7. It is prohibited to use Paid Search campaigns.
  8. It's prohibited to set partner cookies without clicking a link to our website.
  9. It is prohibited to use any Paid Search campaigns.

Affiliate Agreement.

Start Earning

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