How to save your money
on domain renewals

Transfer your domains to us, start renewing them 4 times cheaper, and get 2 months of hosting for free.
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While you are renewing your domains with us, you save up to $ on each domain

Popular registrars and hosters offer to register a domain with them at a ridiculously low price. Sometimes this price can be less than $4 or even $2. But if you think you can renew this domain for the same price next year, you will be unpleasantly surprised. They will charge you approximately 6-8 times higher than the registration price. You run the risk of overpaying significantly.

On our website, the renewal prices are lower and are shown before you register a domain. For example, compare the cost of renewing domains with us and your registrar:

Domain Fozzy renewal prices renewal price in godaddy You save in a year
.ORG $12.7 $20.99 $8.29 click
.NET $19.41 $21.99 $2.58 click
.COM $12.28 $19.99 $7.71 click
.NAME $8.51 $14.99 $6.48 click

The prices for the rest of the TLDs are here.

How to save your money, transfer domains, and get 2 months of hosting for free

1.Order a hosting service by clicking the button below.

2.At the second step, select "Transfer" and type your domain in the field above.

3.Complete the order, but do not pay the invoice. Contact us right away so that we make the ordered hosting free of charge.

4.We will renew your hosting service for two months as soon as the domain transfer to our registrar is completed. Your hosting will remain active during the transfer.

Transfer your domains to us and save your money on their renewals.

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