What is domain name?

Domain name — is an unique address at internet. For example fozzy.com is a domain name. This is address of our company in Interent.

.COM is called TLD or Top Level Domain and there are many TLDs nowadays. There are Generic TLDs like .COM, .NET, .ORG, country-code TLDs like .US, .UK, .RU, .IN and many new TLDs like .FLOWERS, .AUDIO and .CLICK

If you want to launch new website in internet you have to choose a domain name which is available for registration. It can be made at our order form.

Domain name is not a synonym to website. Creation of a domain name doesn't automatically mean you create a website. Imagine that a domain name is like a real physical street address for getting postal mail, you still have to build a house and install a post box to receive your letters. In order to create a website you must purchase web hosting, it will include email as well, so your Internet presence will be accessible to others.

Please let us know if you need assistance or any questions about domain names.